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Capture HTML5 streaming video (Adobe HDS, Apple HLS, HTTP Pseudo Streaming), Adobe Flash Player streaming video (HTTP, RTMP) with the most powerful download manager. Download a demo version to try it for free.

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Free Web Hosting ASP, Microsoft Frontpage

  • ASPSpider - Free hosting. ASP.NET 4.0,SQL Server 2008 Express supported. This is a free offer from a group of .NET developers supporting technical community.
  • Host-Ed - Free hosting. ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Perl, CGI, SSI, MySQL, Postrgress DB supported. 10 GB of hard disk space, 100 GB of bandwidth/month.
  • - Free hosting. Up to 1 of hard disk space. Unlimited traffic. No ads. Active Server Pages (ASP), FTP, MS Access database support.
  • - Free hosting. 1 of hard disk space, 10 GB of bandwidth/month. No ads. ASP.NET, PHP, Perl/CGI, MS Access database support.
  • - Free hosting. 150 MB of hard disk spac, 5 GB of bandwidth/month. No ads. ASP.NET, PHP, Perl/CGI, MS SQL database up to 15MB supported.
  • - Free web hosting for students. domain, 30 MB of hard disk space, 2 GB of bandwidth/month, ASP 3.0 / ASP .NET, MS Access database support. No ads. Up to 16.7 MB of bandwidth/day. Files up to 1MB. Audio and video files prohibited.

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