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How to Record Webcam Video and Streaming Video to Hard Disk

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Replay Video Capture

Record whatever you see on your screen, and turn it into a movie file, or "screencast." It's a great way to make Software Demos and Tutorials, make Powerpoint Videos, record Flash, QuickTime, and DRM protected videos, and a lot more. It can record from a screen region, or any application window.

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Record Webcam Video and Streaming Video to Hard Disk

Watching webcams can be great entertainment but it can also be very frustrating. You spend ages waiting for something interesting to happen and then you blink and miss the good bits.

WebCam recorder is a unique piece of windows software which records webcam images and streaming video to hard disk (note: sound is not recorded). It can record any webcam or streaming source.

Never again miss a moment of the action

Once you've made the recording you can replay it as often as you like. The versatile built in player features freeze frame, reverse play and slow motion replay.

Recorder Features

Setting up a recording is easy. Just select a window and image within the window and off you go. Use the Record and Pause buttons to start and stop whenever you want. Your favourite webcam settings can be saved to disk ready for next time.

  • Record from all kinds of webcams - there is no type of webcam WebCam Recorder can't record.
  • Record any streaming media source.
  • Records images in standard AVI format video files - use any player you want and copy files to other machines.

Please note that at present WebCam Recorder only records images, not sound.

Built in Video Player

Start the built in video player by clicking the Play button. It's here that you can replay your recordings as often as you like. The trick play features and keyboard shortcuts make it easy to get to the best bits of a recording. And you can watch each recording over and over again.

Works just like a home VCR

The player works just like a regular video recorder so you'll feel instantly at home.

  • Built in player gives quick and easy replays.
  • Forward and reverse play add fun to your recordings!
  • Fast forward and rewind to the exact section you want.
  • Slow motion and freeze frame so you can get to the best bits of the action.
  • Handy keyboard shortcuts make it easier to find your way around

Free trial version

Not ready to order yet? Our free trial version will let you see exactly how easy WebCam Recorder is to use. For more info see our download page.


Records any webcam
Replay over and over again
Record to standard AVI video files
Only US$25
30 day money back

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