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Save streaming video and audio to HD

How to record/download/store/save/capture stream on the Internet.
When talking about broadband streaming, the phrases 'capturing streaming video', 'recording streaming video', 'downloading streaming video', 'saving streaming video to HD' all refer to the same process of keeping the streamed image on a hard drive in a format that allows you to play it back again and again.
Broadband streams like live streaming video, streaming news video, streaming movies, streaming music videos can be captured, recorded, downloaded with special software (Stream Ripper or Stream Recorder):

How to save audio stream/sound played back through your sound card to HD

How to record sound played back through your sound card and any other sound sources like microphone, VCR, Audio tape player etc (including audio stream).

Where to download music and movies free

 .: Saving Streaming Media :.
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  • Save Windows Media and
    Real Media Streams (Real Video&Audio)
  • Save Windows Media Streams to HD
    (saving .wmv, .asf, .wmx, .asx video)
  • Save Real Media Streams to HD
    (saving Real Video and Real Audio: .rm, .ra, .ram, .smil)
  • Save Apple QT Streams to HD
  • Save screen activity to HD (Saving Webcam Video, DRM protected Video, non-recordable video)
  • Save Streaming Audio to HD
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    A/V Stream Capture bundle

    Replay Capture Suite (A/V Stream Capture bundle)

    Save any audio/video stream including streaming Windows Media, Real Audio/Video, Nullsoft Video, Flash Video (including Google Videos), HTTP Dynamic Streaming, HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Lumberjack, video streaming from Slingbox, Icecast (ICY), satellite Sirius and XM Radio, Skype calls, any music from Web Radio Stations and Music Subscription services.

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