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Get paid to use your iPhone: iOS apps that allow you to make money

Get paid for surveys and polls

  • Surveys On The Go (free iPhone/iPad app) - Make money every time you complete a survey. Get paid from $0.25 to $5 cash for your opinions, usually $1. They have real surveys you can take quickly. Get paid through PayPal.
  • NPoll (free iPhone app) - Make money every time you complete a survey. First reward is $10 for the first 50 surveys ($0.20 USD per survey). You may choose subjects that appeal to you, have your say on matters of global interest. Get paid through PayPal.

Get paid for small assignments and gigs

  • Gigwalk (free iPhone app) - Get paid for small assignments you can complete at places you go every day like your local grocery store. Jobs typically pay between $2 and $12 each. The company has paid over $1.8 Million dollars to thousands of "Agents" for doing work with Field Agent. Get paid through PayPal.
  • TaskRabbit (free iPhone app) - Get paid for small assignments like delivery, house chores, shopping, office help, moving help, virtual assistance, ... Jobs typically pay between $10 and $100 each. Application process to be a TaskRabbit requires a federal background check and a video interview. Online version is also available.
  • Field Agent (free iPhone app) - Get paid for doing tasks like taking photos of store displays, testing mobile apps, reviewing delivery services, mystery shopping. Get notified of new jobs in the area Gigs range from $6 to $220 and are available across the US and parts of Canada. Get paid through Paypal.

Get paid for checking in, scanning barcodes and receipts, making purchases

  • Shop Kick (free iPhone app) - Earn rewards just by walking into stores like Target (nationwide!), Macys, Best Buy, Old Navy, Crate & Barrel, American Eagle & more. It's like magic. Get more for scanning items and purchases. Enjoy free gift cards, coffee lattes, music downloads, Facebook credits, restaurant vouchers and movie tickets. Get discount offers for stores too.
  • CheckPoints (free iPhone app) - When youre out shopping, use CheckPoints in millions of stores to scan barcodes on products and earn points toward great prizes. When youre anywhere else, check out the new "Easy Points" section for even more ways to earn points. Redeem your points for rewards like iTunes and gift cards, Alaska airline miles, cool gadgets like popular tablets and gaming systems, donations to charities!
  • Jingit (free iPhone app) - earn real cash instantly for watching ads or when you check in and shop for select products at your favorite stores. Give your feedback to leading brands by taking brief surveys and in return, those brands get your attention. Start with a $5 weekly earn limit, get limit increases up to $10 when you share Jingit on Facebook. Get paid through the Jingit Visa debit card.
  • Location Panel (free iPhone app) - Help cities plan roads and transportation systems. Help stores and restaurants decide where to open new locations. And get rewards for participating! Earn gift cards and other rewards.
  • Receipt Hog (free iPhone app) - turn your grocery receipts into cash and rewards. Snap receipt pics right from your phone. Earn coins and rewards with every receipt. Redeem for cash, donations, and more! Review your fully digitized receipts for free! Your receipt data will be made anonymous and summarized in market research reports for brands.
  • WeReward (free iPhone app) is the application that pays you when you check-in to locations or perform real world tasks. Simply find a business, follow the instructions and earn points. Each point is worth a penny. You can turn your points in to cash via PayPal.
  • OpenTable (free iPhone app) - free instant restaurant reservations in the United States and Canada. Members earn Dining Rewards Points redeemable for Dining Cheques good at any OpenTable restaurant.

Get paid for workouts

  • GymPact (free iPhone app) - Money as a motivator to work out. Make a Pact of how many days you'll work out, set the Stakes of how much you'll pay if you don't, and check-in via GPS at the gym. Earn cash rewards for meeting your pact, paid by those who didn't workout. Typical rewards range from $0.50 to $0.75 per workout
  • Nexercise (free iPhone app) -community based motivational coach and training tool for any diet or weight loss program. Earn points by logging in at least 15 minutes work of exercise. Check in to gyms or workout outside with the phone on your body to detect motion. The more points accumulated, the better the rewards are.

Get paid to watch TV, movie trailers

  • Viggle (free iPhone app) - Watch TV. Get Rewards. Check into your favorite TV shows with Viggle and youll get real rewards from brands like Best Buy, Burger King, Fandango, Old Navy and more. Viggle can automatically identify the show youre watching. You get Viggle points for every show you watch. Make live TV events youre watching even better with real-time interactive questions, polls and voting related to whats happening on-screen. Redeem your Viggle points for real rewards or convert your points into charitable donations.
  • FanCake (free iPhone app) is a live social game that rewards fans for watching sports on TV. Take part in a competition of your own, based directly on live baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and hockey games. The object is simple: catch FanCake medals and Trophy Moments based on real-time sports moments, take part in prediction challenges, and comment on the action. The more you watch, the more friends you invite, and the better you do in the game, the more FanCake Credits youll earn. Earn tickets, merch and much morejust for playing!
  • App Trailers (free iPhone/iPod/iPad app) - get points for watching movie trailers and previewing apps. Redeem points for $10 iTunes Codes, PayPal cash, Amazon and more.

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