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Affiliate networks

If you wanna find advertisers for your web-site, a good idea is to join affiliate networks. Sometimes it is hard to find them because they call themselves like "performance-based online marketing services company", "pay-for-performance network", "marketing solutions provider", "cost-per-action advertising network".

Affiliate networks usually have a wide range of advertisers also called merchants. Depending on an advertiser you can get paid per sale, click or lead .

Few affiliate networks allow almost anyone to join. The best affiliate networks want to provide quality traffic to advertisers so they usually require your site to receive a certain amount of visitors. They also can have other limits like english language web-site, top-level domain, etc.

Some affiliate networks let you see a directory of the advertisers in the network before you join, others show you their list of offers only after you join them.

Affiliate networks are free to join.

Large US affiliate networks

  • Commission Junction the best - large affiliate network. CJ is a world leading Affiliate Network, a firm that counts more than 500,000 affiliates (publishers) and nearly 2,000 high quality advertisers (merchants). Advertisers pay for sales and for leads. CJ consolidates all payouts into one check! CJ is available to international webmasters.
  • LinkShare - one of the best affiliate networks. It has more than 600 merchants (advertisers). Advertisers of the network pay per clicks, leads and sales. You can find some really big names here like Dell, Disney, Nike and American Express. This affiliate network is available to international webmasters.
  • Google Affiliate Network - no longer available.
  • RegNow - is number one Software Affiliate Network. If you are a publisher, not a software vendor, please use this link.

Small US affiliate networks worth of joining

  • Digital River oneNetwork 2.0 - is a Software Affiliate Network having the same owners as RegNow. It uses a different engine. Symantec, Computer Associates, Pinnacle, Roxio are among the well known software vendors you can promote with oneNetwork.
  • Alternatives to US affiliate networks

    • VigLinkbest - is not an affiliate network, but can replace it easily. By embedding its code on your web-pages, you will get ads that replace links and products automatically. You won't have to join dozens or hundreds of advertisers and generate link for every particular advertiser. You just generate the code once and then monetize your content. VigLink shares 75% of commission it gets from advertisers. But due to large volume of transactions many advertisers pay much higher percent to VigLink. So it might be more profitable to use VigLink then direct links from affiliate programs and networks. VigLink pays to webmasters via Paypal monthly. There is no minimum to get payment.

    Fraudulent US affiliate networks

    • clixGalore - a large affiliate network comprising of over 2400 advertisers (merchants). clixGalore provides a very comprehensive 2Tier management system, rich in features allowing to manage a 2Tier payment system and pay commission to 1st tier Affiliates for the customers driven to the advertiser by referred 2nd tier Affiliates. Recurring payment and bonus schemes are supported.
      This network seems to be very attractive, but many merchants and publishers complain about its illegal activities. My account was also suspended without any explanation.
    • - European affiliate network. Suspended my account although I complied with their terms and posted my physical address. It was not a legitimate requirement, since my web-site didn't offer any content in German language, I didn' t have the .de domain name, and my web-site was attracting customers from Russia, not Germany. It took me a long time to restore my account, but I lost lots of income because of the suspension and I did have to replace all the links. Suspended my account for the second time because someone supposedly copied my content and I couldn't possibly control how they use a physical address. The major disappointment is that the company promised to pay even after the suspension, but didn't pay anything despite bringing hundreds of paying customers by legitimate means.
    • ShareASale - large affiliate network with plenty pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click programs. It has more than 700 advertisers. Suspended my account just before sending me a $500 check.
    • OffersQuest - This affiliate advertising network offers publishers the highest payouts anywhere! Best campaign payouts in the industry, easy to use account administration, detailed statistics reporting, and real publisher support. You need to be approved once while signing up, approval for every advertiser is not needed!
      This network seemed to be very attractive. The commission was very high compared to Commission Junction. But at some point I wasn't able to log into my account. Although the network continued to work, I lost my affiliate commission. Tried to contact support at least 3 times, but they just ignored my requests!
    • Axill Inc. - Small affiliate network. Consolidates all payouts into one check! Payouts are daily. They offer a referral program: You will earn 5% of who you refer for life.
      The network didn't pay for most of the leads explaining this fact by users registering via proxy servers as well as bots. Looks like a fraud to me.

Large European affiliate networks

  • Belboon is one of the leading affiliate networks in Europe. Belboon offers 1,300 partner programs and publishers from over 30 different countries. Whether you are operating in Germany, Europe or internationally, you may find interesting advertisers for your web-site. Belboon operates digital multi-channel marketing via web sites and portals, email marketing, mobile portals, search engine marketing (SEM / SEAM) voucher codes, price comparison, mobile apps, Performance Display Advertising, Re-Targeting and more. Web-site is in English, German, French and Dutch.

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