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Freelancing FAQ: Meaning of freelancing and some information about freelancing

How does freelance project marketplace work?
This works just like a reverse auction or if you are familiar with how the RFQ/tender/bidding process works in large firms and government institutions. Small businesses and website owners are looking for services such as, a logo/web design, database development, script installation/modification, custom programming, etc., but do not know how to find professionals who can do quality work at an affordable price. This is an opportunity for you to provide your services and build your own small business. Simply sign-up, create an account and bid on the projects of your interest/expertise. If you are the winning bidder you will be notified.

  1. Register
  2. Bid on projects
  3. You will be notified, if selected
  4. Complete the project
  5. Get Paid
  6. Ask the buyer to rate you

I want to get paid for my programming or whatever skills. How does freelance job search sites help me?
The majority of freelance job search sites are freelance project marketplaces. They allow you to cash in on your areas of expertise. You can bid on the projects you are interested in. After the customer accepts your bid, you create the program, logo, answer the question or whatever is mentioned in the bid. When you're finished, you are awarded the bid amount.

How are buyer and seller disputes handled?
Most transactions are completed harmoniously, but every now and then a buyer and coder cannot come to an agreement. If this happens to you freelance project marketplace ususally helps to resolve the problem.

How and when do I get paid?
After the buyer accepts your bid, his or her money is held in an escrow account. After you deliver the product and they acknowledge that they received everything, you will be credited with the escrow amount minus job board site fee. All credits accumulate in your account until you reach minimum required to receive payment (usually about $30). After that you can withdraw the money or it will be withdrawn automatically (depends on the site you use). Ususally payments can be sent to you via a number of methods like bank wire, check, PayPal, Western Union.

What is escrow account?
Freelance project marketplaces usually use escrow payment to guarantee a stress free transaction by putting the buyer in control of releasing funds to the freelancer.
The buyer don't pay to the freelancer directly, but instead deposit the funds into an escrow account. While giving the freelancer the reassurance that the buyer have the funds, the freelancer also knows that he do not receive any funds until work is completed (or a work phase is completed if you are doing a phased project).
Upon completion of work (or work phase), the buyer verifies that he've received what he asked for in his bid, and authorize the release of funds to the freelancer through the freelance project marketplace.

How can I promote myself to make customers more likely to accept my bids?
You can do this via your registration profile. Here are some typical things you can do to get more bid acceptances:

  1. resume
  2. a sample of your portfolio
  3. a company logo
  4. a personal photograph
  5. a list of your areas of expertise and certifications.

I put in a lowest bid but my bid was not selected. How are the bids selected?
Bids are not selected by buyers based on the amount. In fact, to bid the lowest amount that is not sensible, could be a turn-off to some buyers and they may perceive this as a desperation bid. Budget is important along with the quality of work.
Buyers make this decision based on several factors such as the information in your profile, your samples, your experience, your attitude and willingness/eagerness to work with them, any samples you have shown them (even if they did not ask you), etc., For creative work such as logos and illustrations and even web templates, it helps buyers to see what you can do and if you provide them a sample/mockup design specifically created for their project. Also, remember that the ratings and feedback influence the decision of buyers.

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