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Globe7 - Free PC to mobile, PC to landline calls

Globe7 - is a free downloadable soft phone integrated with Voice, Video, IM, 1GB Free storage space, and Real time video streaming, powered by online advertising. Globe7 enables you to make free calls from PC to PC (voice and video), PC to mobile phone and PC to landline calls by watching videos in Globe7 TV.

Globe7 is a service provided by Axill Europe Limited, a UK based company. Globe7 is a value innovation and globally patented product developed by Northgate Technologies Ltd and licensed on the royalty basis to Axill Europe Limited.

Axill Europe Limited owns the state-of-the-art telecom switching facility the world's largest SIP soft switch facility located in London.

To use Globe7, you need not be residing in US. You can use the service to make calls from any country to every country. Globe7 breaks all the geographical barriers and gets you connected throughout the world.

How to get free calls
You may earn Free talk time by watching videos in Globe7 TV and your Globe7 account will get credited by free talktime worth of 30 cents instantly for 1 hour watching. You may also get free minutes by participating in their sponsor's promotion program: Complete any of the offers and the same denomination of talk time will be added to your Globe7 account once business sponsor approves you.

Services of Globe 7

  • Phone - Globe7 converts your laptop or desktop computer into a second telephone. You can make calls to any phone across the world. You can also receive unlimited free incoming calls from any landline or mobile phone (US phone number required). With Globe7, PC to PC calling is absolutely free.
  • Video Call - You can make PC to PC real time video calls. You can talk to your friends and family members with live video action. What all you need to do is just enable your webcam and headset.
  • Chat - With Globe7, you can also chat with your friends who are online. Add your friends to Globe7 friend's list and get started.
  • Internet TV - Globe7 presents you incessant entertainment with free video streaming. You can watch video clips in different categories and you can also earn FREE talk time to your Globe7 account. Video on Demand and matured pay per view content are coming soon.
  • My Files - Upload audio, video and Image files up to 1 GB and share the content with your friends.
  • Follow Me Service - With 'Follow Me Service' facility, you can get your calls redirected to your landline or mobile phone when you are offline.

Globe7 software is available for Linux, Windows (8, 7, Vista, 2000 and XP), Mac OS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile. You may also use Globe 7 from a web-browser without installing any applications.

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