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 .: GRE General Vocabulary Word List :.

GRE General Vocabulary Word List

abeyance n. a temporary suspension of function or activity
abominate v. to hate extremely; to abhor; to detest
abrogate v. to repeal, annul, or abolish an authoritative act, for example, a law, or decree
abstemious adj. refraining from pleasure, and from food or strong drink in particular
abstruse adj. difficult to comprehend, obscure
acerbic adj. sour, harsh, severe
adulterate v. to corrupt or debase, to make impure
alacrity n. cheerfullness, a readiness or promptness to act or serve
alloy v. to reduce the purity of a metal by mixing with one less valuable; to debase by mixing something inferior
amalgamate v. to mix, to blend, to unite, to alloy with mercury
ameliorate v. to improve, to make better
anachronistic adj. erroneous in date, characterized by being out of its historical time
anagram n. a word or phrase made from another by rearranging its letters
anathema n. a ban or curse, a person or thing considered hateful
anhydrous adj. without water, specifically, water of crystallization
anomalous adj. deviating from the general rule, unexpected
antipathy n. inherent adversion or antagonism
apocryphal adj. false, spurious, of doubtful authenticity
apotheosis n. a glorification to the point of making a god
arduous adj. steep and therefore difficult to ascend, difficult to do, requiring exertion, dangerous
assiduous adj. diligent, industrious
attenuation n. the act of making fine or thin
audacious adj. bold or adventuresome
auspicious adj. having omens of success; fortunate
autonomy n. self-government, the right of the individual to govern himself according to one's own reason
aver v. to confirm, to declare to be true
bane n. poison, the cause of injury or mischief
beatify v. to make happy, to bless, to ascribe extraordinary virtue to, to regard as saintly or blessed
bedizen v. to adorn, especially in a cheap, showy manner
bilge n. the protuberance of a cask, usually around the middle
blandishment n. flattery, enticement
breach n. the act of breaking or state of being broken, a gap, a break, or rupture
broach v. to open up, to mention a subject
bruit n. clamor, uproar
burnish v. to polish by friction
cajole v. to coax, to wheedle
calcify v. to change into a hard, stony condition
calk v. to stop up cracks with filler to prevent the admission of water
calumniate v. to slander, to accuse a person falsely
capitulate v. to surrender, to give up, to stop resisting
capricious adj. whimsical, fickle, changeable
castigate v. to chastise, to correct by punishing
chastened adj. corrected, punished
coda n. a final passage in music bringing a composition to a formal close
codicil n. an appendix or supplement, an addition to a will
coeval adj. of the same period, existing at the same time
cognizant adj. having knowledge of something, informed
coltish adj. wanton, frisky, gay
compendium n. a summary, an abstract
conjoin v. to join together, to unite
contemn v. to scorn or despise
contentious adj. argumentative, quarrelsome
contumacious adj. insubordinate, rebellious, disobedient
conundrum n. a perplexing question, a riddle
convoluted adj. rolled up in the form of spiral, coiled
countenance v. to favor, to approve, to give support to
craven adj. cowardly, base
cupidity n. inordinate greed for wealth or power
daunt v. to frighten or intimidate
dearth n. scarcity, lack
debacle n. a breakup, an overthrow, a sudden great disaster
demur v. to hesitate, to take exception to, to object
denouement n. the outcome, the solution, the unraveling of a plot
derelict adj. remiss. negligent
derelict adj. remiss. negligent
desiccate v. to dry completely, to preserve by drying
desuetude n. the cessation of use, disuse
desultory adj. random, passing from one thing to another in a disorganized way
detumescence n. diminution of swelling
diaphanous adj. transparent or translucent, gauzy
diffidence n. modesty, humility, self-doubt
dilatory adj. causing or tending to cause delay, procrastinating
dilettante n. a dabbler, a trifler, one who pursues an art desultorily
discombobulate v. to upset
disingenuousness n. insincerity, cunning, craftiness
disparage v. to belittle, to show disrespect for
disparate adj. not able, dissimilar, distinct or different in kind
dissemble v. to hide, to conceal, to disguise
dissolute adj. loose in behavior and morals, lewd, debauched
divestiture n. the deprivation of rank, rights, etc.; the stripping of clothing, arms
doggerel n. trivial, poorly constructed verse
dogmatic adj. arrogant, dictatorial, authoritative
dross n. waste matter, refuse, any worthless material separated from the better part
ductility n. the quality of being easily molded or easily led
dulcet adj. melodious, harmonious
ebullience n. an overflow by boiling, an overflow of enthusiasm, high spirits
eclectic adj. composed of materials or principles gathered together from several different places or fields
efficacious adj. effective, capable of producing the desired results
effluvia n. an outflow in the form of a vapor or stream of invisible particles, a noxious odor or vapor
effrontery n. boldness, impudence
empathy n. intellectual identification of oneself with another
empirical adj. based solely on experiements or experience
emulate v. to strive for equality, to compete with successfully
enervate v. to weaken, to enfeeble
enfetter v. to bind
enfranchise v. to set free, to admit to citizenship, to naturalize
enigma n. a puzzle, a perplexing statement, a riddle
ensconce v. to cover or shelter, to place comfortably or securely
ephemeral adj. fleeting, short-lived, transitory
epitome n. a part or thing that is representative of the characteristics of the whole, a brief summary or abstract
equanimity n. evenness of mind, calm, composure
equipose n. equal distribution of weight, equilibrium
equipose n. equal distribution of weight, equilibrium
equivocate v. to make vague statements, to mislead intentionally by making an ambiguous remark
erudite adj. learned, scholarly
euphoric adj. feeling well, buoyant, vigorous
evanescent adj. vanishing, fleeting
evince v. to show clearly, to indicate, to manifest
excoriate v. to flay, to strip, to scratch, to denounce strongly
exculpate v. to clear from a charge of guilt or fault
exonerate v. to disburden, to relieve of blame, to clear of an imputation of guilt
expunge v. to blot out, to obliterate, to erase
extrapolate v. to estimate or infer on the basis of certain known variables
extricable adj. capable of being released, set free or disentangled
factious adj. causing dissension
fallacious adj. faulty in logic, producing error or mistake, misleading and disappointing
fatuous adj. complacently stupid or inane
felicitous adj. suitable to the occasion, apt
fervid adj. intense, zealous, impassioned
fester v. to form pus, to become more and more virulent, to rankle, to grow embittered
fester v. to form pus, to become more and more virulent, to rankle, to grow embittered
fiat n. an order issue by a legal authority, a sanction or authorization
flout v. to mock, to sneer
foment v. to stir up, to arouse, to incite, to instigate
frenetic adj. frantic, frenzied
froward adj. not willing to yield or comply with what is required
frugal adj. economical, not spending freely
fulminate v. to explode with sudden violence, to shout denunciations
fulsome adj. disgusting or offensive, especially because of excess
gainsay v. to deny, to contradict
garble v. to confuse or mix up, to select, to suppress, distort a story in order to mislead
garish adj. gaudy, too showy
garner v. to store, to gather up and save
garrulous adj. talkative, loquacious
germinate v. to sprout, to start developing or growing
gist n. the main point
glut v. to feed, fill or supply to excess
gossamer adj. light, thin, filmy
gratuitous adj. free, voluntary, not required
grouse v. to complain, to grumble
grovel v. to behave humbly or abjectly
hallow v. to consecrate, to make holly
hapless adj. unlucky, unfortunate
hedonistic adj. self-indulgent, living a life of pleasure
hermetic adj. completely sealed, magical
hirsute adj. hairy, shaggy
hone v. to rub and sharpen
ignominious adj. shameful, dishonorable, disgraceful
imbroglio n. an involved or confusing situation, a confused disagreement or entanglement
immolate v. to sacrifice, to kill or offer as a sacrifice
impervious adj. incapable of being penetrated
imprecation n. an invoking of evil, a curse
incarcerate v. to imprison
incursion n. a running in, an invasion, a raid
indefatigability n. the quality of not being easily exhausted
indomitable adj. not easily discouraged or subdued
ineluctable adj. not to be avoided, certain, inevitable
ingenuous adj. frank, open, candid
ingratiate v. to bring oneself into another's favors or good graces
insalubrity n. unhealthfulness, unwholesomeness
insalubrity n. unhealthfulness, unwholesomeness
inscrutable adj. incapable of being discovered or comprehended
insipid adj. tasteless, without flavor, wanting spirit or animation
insolvent adj. unable to pay debts, bankrupt
insouciant adj. unconcerned, carefree
intemperance n. lack of moderation or restraint, addiction to excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages
intransigence n. refusal to come to an agreement or compromise
intrepid adj. fearless, brave, undaunted
invective n. a violent verbal attack, a denunciation
inveigh v. to attack verbally, to denounce
jocose adj. merry, given to jesting
lachrymose adj. teary-eyed, mournful, sad
laconic adj. brief, short, pithy
lassitude n. weakness, weariness, languor
laudatory adj. praising
lionize v. to treat as celebrity
loquacious adj. talkative, garrulous
loutish adj. clumsy and stupid, boorish
lugubrious adj. mournful, very sad
maladroit adj. clumsy, awkward, bungling
malleable adj. yielding, amenable, adapting
mellifluous adj. flowing sweetly
mendicant n. a beggar
meretricious adj. alluring by false, showy charms, tawdry
metamorphose v. to change from one form to another
minion n. a favorite, especially one who is a servile follower
misanthropy n. hatred or distrust of people
mitigate v. to alleviate, to relive, to soften
mnemonic adj. assisting the memory
mordant adj. biting, cutting, caustic or sarcastic
morose adj. gloomy, sullen
motility n. the quality of having the inherent power of motion
multifarious adj. characterized by great variety or diversity
munificence n. the quality of being extremely generous
nadir n. the lowest point, the time of greatest depression
narcissism n. self-love, excessive interest in one's own appearance, comfort or importance
nefarious adj. wicked, vile
nexus n. a connection, tie or link
noisome adj. noxious to health
obdurate adj. hardened and unrepenting, stubborn, inflexible
obfuscate v. to darken, to obscure, to muddle
obsequious adj. excessivley willing to serve or obey, servile
obstreperous adj. noisy, vociferous
obtuse adj. not sharp or pointed, blunt; also, dull-witted
officious adj. unnecessarily accommodating, meddlesome
onerous adj. burdening, oppressive, laborious
opaque adj. not letting light pass though, not reflecting light, hard to understand, obscure
oscillate v. to swing to and fro, to be indecisive in purpose or opinion
ossify v. to settle or fix rigidly into a practice, to become bone
overwrought adj. overworked, fatigued, nervous, strained
paean n. a song of praise or triumph
palliate v. to make something appear less serious than it is
palpable adj. that which can be touched, felt or handled, easily perceived by the senses
panegyric n. a formal speech or praise, a eulogy
paradigm n. a pattern, model, or example
paradox n. a statement that seems contradictory
pariah n. an outcast, someone rejected and despised by others
paucity n. dearth, scarcity, lack
pedagogy n. the profession or function of teaching
pellucid adj. transparent, easy to understand
penury n. lack of money or property, indigence
peregrination n. the act of traveling from one country to another, wandering
perfidious adj. violating good faith, proceeding from treachery
perfunctory adj. performed without care or interest, done automatically
peripheral adj. pertaining to the outer region of something, as opposed to the center or core
perspicacious adj. having keen judgment or understanding
petrous adj. like a rock, hard, stony
petulant adj. impatient or irritable
phlegmatic adj. sluggish, dull, apathetic
pillory v. to punish, to hold up to public scorn
piquant adj. agreeably pungent, stimulating
pique n. resentment at being slighted
placate v. to appease or pacify
placebo n. a medicine given merely to humor a patient, especially a preparation containing no medicine at all
plethora n. overabundance, excess
postulate v. to claim, to assume without proof to be true
precipitous adj. very steep, by extension, hasty or rash
precocious adj. characterized by premature development
predilection n. a preconceived liking, a preference
prig n. a person who affects great propriety, a smug or pedantic person
proclivity n. a natural tendency to do something, an inclination, a leaning towards something
prodigality n. reckless wastefulness
profuse adj. poured forth, given or produced freely and abundantly
proliferate v. to reproduce in quick succession
prolix adj. long and wordy
propinquity n. nearness in time, place or relationship, affinity of nature
propitiatory adj. having the power to make atonement
prosaic adj. dull, commonplace, tedious
proscribe v. to outlaw, banish, exile or prohibit
proselytize v. to make converts
protuberance n. the part of a thing that protrudes, a bulge
pundit n. a person of great learning
quaff v. to drink or swallow in large quantities
quixotic adj. extravagantly chivalrous or romantically idealistic, impractical
raffish adj. disreputable, tawdry
rail v. to speak bitterly or reproachfully, to complain violently
ramify v. to be divided or subdivided, to branch
rampant adj. flourishing, spreading unchecked, violent and uncontrollable in action
rapacious adj. given to plunder, voracious, greedy
rarefaction n. the making of something thinner or less dense, the making of something purer or more refined
ratiocination n. the act or process of something
raucous adj. harsh, hoarse, rough-sounding
recalcitrant adj. obstinate, refusing to obey authority, noncompliant
recidivism n. a chronic relapse into antisocial behavior patterns
recondite adj. profound, abstruse, concealed
recreancy n. cowardice, a cowardly giving up
redoubtable adj. formidable, to be feared or dreaded
refractory adj. stubborn, obstinate
refute v. to prove a person or argument wrong
reprobate n. a depraved, vicious person
reticent adj. habitually silent, uncommunicative
ribald adj. characterized by coarse joking, vulgar
rubric n. a heading, title, or category
salient adj. conspicuous, prominent, highly relevant
sanguine adj. cheerful, confident, optimistic
saturnine adj. gloomy, morose
saucy adj. impudent, rude
savant n. a knowledgeable or learned person
sedulous adj. assiduous, diligent, persevering
seminal adj. like seed, constituting a source, originative
sententious adj. short and pithy, often full of maxims and proverbs, trite
shard n. a piece or fragment of an earthen vessel or of any brittle substance
sinuous adj. winding, serpentine, undulating
slake v. to assuage, to satisfy, to allay
sloth n. habitual indolence or laziness
sophomoric adj. self-assured although immature, affected, bombastic
soporific adj. tending to cause sleep, characterized by sleepiness
spate n. an unusually large outpouring
specious adj. simulating, resembling or apparently corresponding with right or truth
splenetic adj. bad-tempered, irritable
sporadic adj. happening from time to time, not constant or regular, occasional
spurious adj. counterfeit, fraudulent
squalid adj. foul, filthy, extremely dirty
staid adj. sober, sedate, steady
stentorian adj. extremely loud or powerful
stigma n. a mark of disgrace or reproach, a mark or sign indicating that something is not normal
stymie v. to hinder or obstruct, to check or blot
sunder v. to part, to separate, to break apart
sundry adj. various, miscellaneous, separate
surreptitious adj. secretive, cladestine
sycophant n. a person who seeks favor though flattery, a parasite
tacit adj. silent
tawdry adj cheap, gaudy, showy
tenacity n. persistence, firmness of hold
tendentious adj. characterized by a deliberate tendency or aim
tenuous adj. unsubstantial, slight, flimsy, weak
timorous adj. fearful, timid
torpor n. a state of dormancy, dullness, apathy
tractable adj. easily led, taught or managed
transient adj. temporary, fleeting
trenchant adj. keen, penetrating, incisive
trepidation n. fear, agitation
truculence n. the quality of being fierce, savage or cruel
turbid adj. thick, dense, cloudy
turgid adj. swollen, bloated, inflated
turpitude n. wickedness, shamefulness
untoward adj. perverse, unruly, unseemly
upbraid v. to scold or chide, to reprove, ro reproach
vacillate v. to hesitate, to waver
vacuity n. the quality of being empty, lack of intelligence, inanity
vapid adj. tasteless, flavorless, dull, uninteresting
venerate v. to look upon with deep respect, to revere
viscid adj. thick, sticky, viscous
volatile adj. evaporating rapidly, lively, changeable or fickle
voluble adj. speaking glibly, talking with ease
welter v. to roll about or wallow
zeal n. ardor, eager interest or enthusiasm


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