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 .: Additional GRE General Verbal Words :.

Additional GRE General Verbal WordsList

Since October 1998 Oleg Smirnov have been receiving a lot of GRE words from the visitors of GRE General Vocabulary Home Page. "Additional words" are the most frequent words He's got and which are not presented in the GRE General Word List.
abet help/encourage smb (in doing wrong)
affable polite and friendly
agog eager/excited
alcove recess/partially enclosed place
anguish severe suffering
aseptic surgically clean
attune bring into harmony
babble talk in a way that is difficult to understand
belabor beat hard
belie fail to justify
boor ill-mannered person
cajole use flattery or deceit to persuade
calf young of the domestic cow
cant insincere talk/jargon
cantankerous bad-tempered/quarrelsome
chicanery legal trickery/false argument
clientele customers
clinch come to grips/settle conclusively
coagulation change to a thick and solid state
coda passage that completes a piece of music
commodious having plenty of space for what is needed
constrain compel
consummate perfect/make perfect/complete
cornucopia abundant supply
coy shy/modest (esp of a girl)
crass very great (es. stupidity)
cravat piece of linen worn as a necktie
dainty pretty/delicate(food)/difficult to please
delusion false belief
desiccate dry out all the moisture
din loud noise that continues
discreet careful/prudent
discrete individually distinct
disproof proof to the contrary
distend swell out
drawl slow way of speaking
droll jesting
edible fit to be eaten/not poisonous
ensign flag/badge
enthral please greatly/enslave (fig)
entice tempt or persuade
enunciate pronounce (words)/express a theory
eschew avoid
evasive tending to evade
extempore without previous thought or preparation
extinguish end the existence of/wipe or put out
falter waver/move in an uncertain manner
fetid stinking
flak criticism/anti-aircraft guns
flop fail/move/fall clumsily
fluke lucky stroke
foolproof incapable of failure or error
forage food for horses and cattle
fracas noisy quarrel
garble make unfair selection from facts
glimmer weak/unsteady light
gorge eat greedily/narrow opening with a stream
grandiloquent using pompous words
graze touch or scrape lightly in passing
gush burst out suddenly/talk ardently
halcyon calm and peaceful
heed attention/give notice to
highbrow (person) with superior tastes
homiletics act of preaching
hush make or become silent
inadvertent done thoughtlessly
incipient beginning
ineptitude quality of being unskillful
inferno hell
invincible too strong to be defeated
levee formal reception/embankment
levity lack of seriousness
lionize treat as a famous person
lope move along with long strides
lumber move in a clumsy/noisy way
lurk be out of view ready to attack
macerate make or become soft by soaking in water
maul hurt by rough handling
maverick unorthodox person
muffler cloth worn round the neck/silencer
nice scrupulous/hard to please/bad(ironic)
nugatory trifling/worthless
obtuse blunt/stupid
ominous threatening
opaqueness dullness/not allowing light to pass through
pan flat/zoom
penurious poor/stingy
pine waste away through sorrow or illness
poncho large piece of cloth
preen tidy/show self-satisfaction
presumption arrogance
profligacy shameless immorality
profuse abundant/lavish
pucker wrinkle
puissance strength
putrefaction becoming rotten
quandary state of doubt or perplexity
quiescence state of being passive/motionless
rave act with excessive enthusiasm
repel refuse to accept/cause dislike
rescind repeal/annul/cancel
reverent feeling or showing deep respect
riddle puzzling person or thing
rumple make rough
sash long strip worn round the waist
scorch become discolored/dry up/go at high speed
sere make hard and without feeling
sermon reproving a person for his faults
sever break off
simper (give a) silly/self-conscious smile
slur join sounds/words (indistinct)
smolder burn slowly without flame
snare trap
snub treat with contempt
soporific producing sleep
squat crouch/settle without permission
stipple paint with dots
substantiation giving facts to support (statement)
suffocate cause or have difficulty in breathing
surcharge additional load/charge
swerve change direction suddenly
tadpole form of a frog when it leaves the egg
tassel bunch of threads
tepid lukewarm
testiness witness/evidence
thwart obstruct/frustrate
toady obsequious flatterer
torque twisting force causing rotation
tortuous devious/not straightforward
travesty parody/imitation
trickle flow in drops
truce (agreement) stop of fighting for a time
turquoise greenish-blue precious stone
ubiquitous present everywhere
unearth discover and bring to light
verdant fresh and green
vestige trace or sign
viscous sticky/semi-fluid
waffle talk vaguely and without much result
wean to turn away (from a habit)
writ written order


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