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HTTP Dynamic Streaming downloaders/recorders - capture/download/rip/save/record Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) HTTP Live Streaming (a.k.a. HLS) is an HTTP-based media streaming communications protocol implemented by Apple as part of QuickTime and iOS software. It allows an ordinary HTTP server to be used to stream audio and video content to iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV) as well as Mac OS computers. Streaming Server software serving HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) breaks a media file onto small chunks (fragments, segments) and delivers them via HTTP protocol. As the stream is played, the client software can choose alternate streams of higher or lower quality, so the streaming session can be adapted to the available bandwidth of the user. In the begining of a streaming session, the streaming server sends the .M3U (.m3u8) playlist. The playlist contains metadata for streams of higher and lower quality. HTTP Live Streaming uses a simple HTTP protocol, so it can easily come through a NAT, a firewall, a proxy server that may prohibit other protocols like MMS, RTSP, RTMP,... and allow only traffic coming through the HTTP protocol (No ports need to be opened that are commonly closed by default).

For on-demand streaming, Apple provides a free tool to make segment files and playlists from MPEG-4 video or QuickTime movies using h.264 video codec, or audio files with AAC or MP3 audio codecs. For live streaming, Apple's free tool allows to make media segment files and playlists from live MPEG-2 transport stream (MPEG-TS, MTS, TS) containing MPEG-4 video and AAC audio in real time.

HTTP Live streaming provides for media encryption and user authentication over HTTPS. HTTP Live Streaming can be protected with Digital Right Management (DRM) systems.

All iOS 3.0 and later devices come with client software supporting HTTP Live Streaming. Safari web-browser can play HTTP Live Streams (when the «video» tag is used for embedding videos). QTKit, AVFoundation and MediaPlayer frameworks can be use dto create desktop and iOS applications supporting HTTP Live Streaming.

Streaming Server solutions using HTTP Live Streaming:

  • Nginx with the RTMP Module supports HLS in live mode.
  • VLC Media Player supports HLS for serving live and on-demand streams.
  • Adobe Media Server supports HLS for iOS devices, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air clients, as well as Protected HTTP Live Streaming (PHLS).
  • Akamai supports HLS for live and on-demand streams.
  • EdgeCast Networks supports cross-device streaming using HLS.
  • Cisco Systems: Supports full end to end delivery for Live/TSTV/VOD and Cloud DVR services.
  • Helix Universal Server from RealNetworks supports iPhone OS 3+ for live and on-demand HTTP Live or On-Demand streaming of H.264 and AAC content to iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  • IIS Media Services from Microsoft supports live and on-demand Smooth Streaming and HTTP Live Streaming.
  • InstaTV Server supports HTTP Live Streaming of ATSC/ClearQAM HDTV from Windows PC with any TV tuner card to iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
  • Level 3 supports HLS live and on-demand streams.
  • Limelight Networks supports HLS for some accounts.
  • Mistserver supports HLS in live, on-demand and live replay mode
  • TVersity supports HLS in conjunction with on-the-fly transcoding for playback of any video content on iOS devices.
  • Unreal Media Server supports low latency HLS.
  • VBrick Distributed Media Engine supports HLS for serving live and on-demand HLS.
  • VODOBOX Live Server supports HLS for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Google Android devices (Honeycomb 3.0 and above) and Adobe Flash Player with HLS plugin.
  • Wowza Media Server supports HLS for live and on-demand streaming

Downloaders/recorders of Apple HTTP Live Streaming (fragmented HTTP streams)

Many web-sites use Apple HTTP Live Streaming for delivering live and on-demand videos. Some of these video streams can be recorded using Adobe HDS downloaders/recorders.

Some web-sites use DRM protection. Currently there is no way to download DRM protected streams. You may try to download/record alternate streams if they are available. Or you may record DRM protected streams using screen recording software like Replay Video Capture.

  • Replay Media Catcher 7 (Jaksta) Editor's choice! (Shareware / Windows) - allows you to download or capture streaming video and audio automatically. Supports the most popular streaming video and audio formats. It allows to:
    • Download Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) streams (.MP4) through HTTP protocol
    • Download Smooth Streaming (Microsoft Silverlight) streams
    • Download Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) streams
    • Download and capture Flash Video (.FLV, .MP4) through HTTP and RTMP protocols
    • Download streaming Windows Media (.ASF, .WMA, .WMV) through HTTP, RTSP and MMS protocols
    • Download streaming Real Media streams (.RM, .RA, .RMVB) through HTTP and RTSP protocols
    • Download streaming QuickTime streams through HTTP protocol
    • Download ShoutCast/Icecast/ICY streams (.MP3) through HTTP protocol
    • Download Lumberjack Streaming (audio and video streams used by DailyMotion)
    Replay Media Catcher is an easy to use software. Just hit the Record button and all your audio and video streams will be downloaded/captured automatically.
    Platform: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.
    Download Replay Media Catcher 7
    Buy Replay Media Catcher 7 for US $49.95

See also: Universal Stream Recorders (Record Real Media streams as well as Flash video, Windows Media and QuickTime Streams)

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