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WM Recorder 16 - One click streaming audio/video capture software. Try for free

WM Recorder Editor's choice! (Shareware - $49.95/Windows)

WM Recorder 16 is one of the easiest, most powerful streaming audio/video capture software. Just open WM Recorder, play your video or audio stream, and it's saved to hd automatically. All the popular streaming audio/video formats and protocols are supported.

Captured audio/video streams are saved as media files on your PC. You can watch or listen anytime you like, even without an Internet connection.

WM Recorder screenshot
Download WM Recorder Demo. It is free to try.

Main FEATURES of WM Recorder:

  • Capture audio/video streams at the highest QUALITY even on a slow connection.
  • Watch/listen to PARTIALLY captured streams!
  • RESUME capturing from where you left off.
  • Capture multiple streams SIMULTANEOUSLY.
  • Capture password PROTECTED streams.
  • Find media stream URLs automatically.
  • SCHEDULE capturing process
  • TURBO Recording - capture audio/video stream at up to 5x speed.
  • Automatic connection SPEED detection.
  • Capture MORE Windows Media streams than any other stream capturing software.
  • All MAJOR streaming protocols and formats supported.
  • As a VCR style stream capture software WM Recorder is extremely EASY to use.

Additional FEATURES of WM Recorder:

  • SPLIT and MERGE captured files.
  • Make ASF files SEEKABLE while capturing or later.
  • Reprocess File function - FIX capturing errors.
  • FREE 10-minute trial.

BENEFITS of WM Recorder
Capture ALL KINDS of great online media, including:

  • Music Videos.
  • YouTube, Google Video and other Video Sites.
  • Subscription Content.
  • Live Internet TV and Radio.
  • Streaming Webcams.
  • Shoutcast online radio stations and on-demand MP3 streaming (song splitting and tagging is not supported)

All the popular streaming FORMATS and PROTOCOLS are supported:

  • Flash video: .FLV (HTTP and RTMP protocols)
  • Window Media: .WMA, .WMV, .ASF, .ASX, .WAX, .WMX, .WVX (RTSP, MMS, HTTP protocols)
  • Real Media/Real Video/Real Audio: .RM, .RMJ, .RAM, .RA, .RMVB, .SMI, .SMIL, and .RPM (RTSP, HTTP protocols)
  • QuickTime video: .MOV (HTTP protocol)

Requirements of WM Recorder:
  • WINDOWS 10/8/7/Vista/XP/98/ME/2000/Server 2003 or Intel Mac running Windows XP with Bootcamp, or Parallels Desktop for Max OS X/VirtualBox with Windows
  • WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 7.0 or higher or Windows Media Player 6.4 (NetShow). Windows Media 10, 11 or 12 is recommended.
  • REAL PLAYER 10 or higher (for capturing Real streams). Real Player Alternative can be used instead to capture some Real streams, but Real Player is preferrable.

See for yourself why WM Recorder is the EASIEST, most POWERFUL streaming video and audio capturing software on the market.
Try our readers top rated stream capture software for FREE today!

Download WM Recorder. It is free to try.
Buy WM Recorder at Applian for $49.95 (It has a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee)
Buy WM Recorder Bonus Bundle (including WM Capture) at Applian for $79.95 and save more than 50%!!!

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The order process is protected through a secure connection. Your personal data is encrypted and cannot be accessed by a third party. Applian does NOT record your credit card information.
Orders are processed by Paypal (You may also choose an alternative payment processor - MyCommerce, a Digital River company).

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