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Freecorder 8 - FREE video capture, sound recording, screen capture & converter software

Freecorder 8 Editor's choice! (Freeware / Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP)

Freecorder 8 a freeware software, that allows you to capture Flash video streams from Adobe Flash Player, record audio from your sound card, convert audio and video recordings between the most popular formats. It's the only tool that combines a powerful video capture software, high quality direct sound recording software, and converter all in one. And it's totally FREE!.

Freecorder 8 is very easy to use. Just open it, play your video or audio stream, and it will be captured/recorded and saved to hard disk automatically.

Freecorder 8 screenshot
Download Freecorder 8. It is absolutely FREE!

Main FEATURES of Freecorder 8:

  • Capture flash video streams from Adobe Flash Player.
  • Capture multiple streams SIMULTANEOUSLY.
  • Capture PROTECTED flash video streams.
  • Detect flash video stream URLs and save flash videos to hard disk automatically.
  • Record ANY audio produced by your sound card (songs, Internet radio, MP3s, online video, digital music).
  • Record ANY video from your screen.
  • Download torrents.
  • Convert audio and video recording between the most popular formats.
  • Extremely EASY to use.
  • Compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP (x32, x64).
  • 100% Freeware software.

Popular streaming FORMATS and PROTOCOLS are supported:

  • Flash video: .FLV (HTTP and HTTPS protocols)
  • Record any audio stream that your sound card can play
  • Record any video stream that you seen on your screen

  • WINDOWS 8/7/Vista/2000/XP, or Intel Mac running Windows XP with Bootcamp, or Parallels Desktop for Max OS X/VirtualBox with Windows
  • Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer
  • 6 MB of disk space
Beware that freeware software can be bundled with 3rd party programs or show ads. Be careful when installing such software.

Download Freecorder 8. It is 100% free!

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Try the Replay Capture Suite

  • streaming Flash video (like YouTube),
  • Windows Media audio and video,
  • Real Audio, Real Video, Real Media,
  • Apple QuickTime,
  • Microsoft Silverlight,
  • HTTP Dynamic Streaming,
  • Apple HTTP Live Streaming,
  • Smooth Streaming Media,
  • Lumberjack streaming,
  • Icecast (ICY) streaming,
  • MoveMediaPlayer,
  • Nullsoft Video,
  • video streaming from Slingbox,
  • satellite Sirius and XM Radio,
  • any music from Web Radio Stations and Internet Music Services.

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